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I explore colour and texture using a range of materials and techniques but over recent years I have found myself working almost exclusively with fabric and stitch even though in my head I have always been a painter. Like many women I have developed an emotional attachment to textiles, the materials and processes, which seems almost atavistic, and the versatility of the media, as well as their boundaries, continues to excite and challenge. 

By incorporating worn and pre-loved fabrics, vintage as well as the simply old and discarded, I hope my art pays tribute to those legions of women who throughout history have darned, knitted, mended and stitched to keep their families warm and their homes comfortable: each piece is a little act of love. 

There are some images of my work here on my gallery page but I post almost all of it on Instagram and Facebook.

https://www.Instagram.com/DeborahCollumLoveArt http://www.Facebook.com/DeborahCollumLoveArt

Lockdown Walks book and cards are available from my Etsy shop


I also do talks and workshops. Please contact me if you are interested or want to know more about my work.

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